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Agency Ignored Issues with Old Post Office Lease

The General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Office of General Counsel (OGC) erred when it decided not to consider whether the 2016 election of Donald Trump — who held a majority interest in the lease of GSA’s Old Post Office (OPO) — to become President violated either his company’s lease with GSA or …… » Read more


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Bill to Standardize Grant Reporting and All-American Flag Act Advance — Again

Measures seeking to modernize federal grant reporting and requiring agencies to buy U.S. flags that are 100 percent domestically sourced have cleared the House once more. Read more>> … » Read more

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Almost 3 of 4 DC Techies Prefer Amazon

Since Amazon announced it would put a second headquarters (HQ2) in the District of Columbia (DC) metro area, there’s been concern it could steal already scarce IT talent from the government and federal contractors. A new poll suggests that possibility could be likely. In an online survey with 1,007 respondents, 71 percent …… » Read more

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Defense Spending Is Up, But So Are Contractor Layoffs

The past year has been marked by high defense spending, but U.S. contractors have still laid off over 1,400 workers, Defense One reports. Typically, companies lay off workers when government contracts end or due to a merger or acquisition. Just this week, SpaceX announced its biggest staff reduction since the company was founded — …… » Read more

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