VAO Webinar: Contract Risk: What It Is and What You Can Do About It


Join us here on Thursday, March 22, at 12:00pm ET to view the webinar!


Contracting officers program officers, and other contracting professionals often don’t recognize the full range of contract risks that may occur or what actions they can take to address them. Yet addressing contract risk can significantly improve the chances of successful contract outcomes. This webinar will explore the different areas of contract risk, how to identify and assess them, response strategies, and elements of risk management plans.







No worries!  You can watch VAO webinars any time by visiting the "My CLPs" page and clicking on the "Previous Webinars" link.  Enjoy!

DoD Puts a Memo Where its Mouth Is

Following years of discussions about improving communications with industry, the Department of Defense (DoD) recently released a memo officially encouraging meaningful engagement. In the memo, Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan says it is the agency’s “critical responsibility” to communicate with …… » Read more


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Will Congress Approve 4 Changes to Help E-Commerce Portal?

The General Services Administration (GSA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have released their plan for a governmentwide e-commerce portal for buying commercial products, and are asking lawmakers for help with implementation. They have asked Congress to make four legislative changes: Increase the micro-purchase threshold …… » Read more

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Continuing IT Issues Could Lead to Revamped FITARA Scorecard

Federal agencies have so far completed more than half of the roughly 800 Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommendations for improving IT acquisitions and operations management, but some lawmakers wonder whether a change to the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) scorecard could help move improvements along …… » Read more

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DHS Seeks Industry "Twin" to Help it Go Mobile

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is having trouble going mobile, and is asking vendors suffering from the same issue to share their challenges in the hopes of coming up with solutions together, FedScoop reports. DHS Chief Information Officer (CIO) Steve Rice says the agency is struggling to streamline its IT infrastructure …… » Read more

VAO Templates current through FAC 2005-97

Support for your file documentation needs! VAO templates are up-to-date, including FAC 2005-97, effective 1/24/2018.

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